Mid-week Stats: Why Software Development is the true Rockstar of Armenia’s Professional Niches Today

If you’re reading this post, you probably are a software developer, one of over 26 million professionals in the world niche as of today! With many more professionals freelancing or working on their own, we probably are talking 9 digit numbers soon.

The rise in the demand and interest towards this profession has been on a constant peak in recent years, and Armenia has been no exception- IT is the buzzword, the “dream” career and a rigid to-do plan of career shift for many professionals locally.

What is the future like for a software developer in Armenia and in the world? We at Novembit have tried to come up with some fun and informative stats to keep you updated!

Software development in Armenia

  1. There are around 800 IT companies in Armenia. We know that Novembit is just one in 800, but then again, it isn’t! But more on that later!
  2. There are over 19500 software developers in Armenia.
  3. In Armenia, The IT industry’s total revenue, which consists of the Software and Services sector and the Internet Service Provider sector, reached about 1 billion USD in 2018, a staggering amount for the Armenian economy.
  4. About 80 percent of Armenia’s IT companies are based in Yerevan
  5. 15% of the IT workforce in Armenia are students.
  6. 70% of IT professionals in Armenia are male.
  7. The average salary for a Junior developer is around 300–400 USD.
  8. A senior developer can earn a salary of 2000 USD and as high as 3500 USD.
  9. Only 3.9 % of IT companies in Armenia employ 100 or more employees!
  10. Compared to last year, IT grew by 30% in 2018.

The Future

It seems the future for the software developer reading this article is pretty prosperous.

Here are some projections regarding the growth of IT in Armenia:

  1. By 2025, the number of Software developers in Armenia is projected to reach 30000.
  2. It is projected that the growth stats per year are going to fluctuate between 20–25%.
  3. The salaries of IT professionals will continue to increase.

How do we fit in?

As a company that’s been sailing in the niche for close to a decade, we’re happy to witness even more growth. At Novembit, we follow the rapid change in the sector and try to be on top of it- whether it’s about ensuring proper training, competitive salaries or a benefit pack to make up your mind.

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