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Selling online comes with nuances and technical difficulties, business adjustments that many service providers promise to solve for you. At the same time, these offers come with either a large cheque attached or a subscription cost that takes a percentage from your sales that hikes with every added feature, rounding up to 500-1000 USD per month for even smaller online stores (see the most popular platforms).

Our approach is different – first, we listen to you, understand your business model and industry, the required customization, and then we offer our solutions with fixed prices on platforms that can be managed by other developers too if required.

We also offer our expertise, guides and advice regarding the best tools that will help grow your business. As specifically eCommerce developers with vast experience, our team has taken into account the smallest details that might boost your online presence and conversions, from ‘rich data’ to upsell suggestion algorithms.

A large part of these features we provide as in-built with the platform, which is kept up-to-date in conjunction with the wider eCommerce environment and best practices.

We don’t do the business for you, but we provide the toolkit and guidance that can eliminate most technical distractions. A custom eCommerce solution of this level can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars if built correctly. We already made the effort and want to share it with you.

BASIC Package includes:

  • Short consultation call
  • Ready-made layouts per business/industry
  • Online Shop setup
  • Data population assitance
  • 1h training
  • Optimized load speed
  • eCommerce optimization
  • 90+ Google page speed for most pages even without caching
  • Google My Business, analytics, structured data, Search Cosole
  • All basic features for store and marketing
  • Basic eCommerce automation setup

Other suggested options:

  • multi-channel integrations (advertize and sell on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, eBay, WatsApp, etc.)
  • CRM setup
  • CDN setup
  • integrations with external services
  • advaced search for large number of products
  • additional consultation
  • hosting, support, and mainainance
  • custom design
  • visual identity and logo design
  • and much more…

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