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  • Me and My Golf. Since 2017

    Me and My Golf. Since 2017

    Overview: Me and My Golf is one of the largest Golf coaching online platforms, offering subscription plans from PGA coaches. It is constantly improving and evolving, with latest reseale of mobile apps for iOS and Android by Novembit.

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  • Swanson UK. December 2020

    Swanson UK. December 2020

    Overview: With Swanson UK, we have created, optimized, and extended a complex, enterprise-scale internationalized e-commerce platform with millions of customers. Based on WooCommerce, it includes dozens of alias domains and even more languages, localized content and shop, advanced Elastic search and filters, custom translations solutions, advanced Google (Merchant Center, Manufacturers Center, etc.) and other integrations,…

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  • Noorb Beauty. October 2021

    Overview: Noorb Beauty is a brand e-commerce and gallery website with advanced Facebook and Instagram shop integration, Loyalty and Brand Ambassador programs and related features, selling and shipping products worldwide. It is based on WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks and Novembit custom block library, providing top performance along with advanced tracking, analytics, and additional integrations.

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  • NE Beauty. June 2021

    NE Beauty. June 2021

    Overview: Ne Beauty is an Armenian largest producor of nail polish and related products. The older website was redesigned with Gutenberb native and custom Novembit blocks and features were added. This resulted in increased performance, conversions, and search engine visibility.

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